Magictails Shine Serum

As a show and dressage competitor with 2 white Andalusians, presentation is a high priority is our preparation.

Being a breed with thick manes and tails there is a lot of washing and scubbing. This can strip a lot of oils and trying to replacethe sheen with oils can just attract a lot of unwanted dust.

This year I was introduced to Magic Tails. Who thought a white tail could shine?

This product is fantastic and will be forever in my tack box.

You only need a small amount (and I do use a lot of product usually, and found this is not needed with Magic Tails)and it goes on quickly, evenly and is still looking good after several hours

I compete and State and National shows were competition is high and attention to detail is a must.This year one of my horses took out National Reserve Champion under saddle then took my 9 year old daughter to win her classesand become National Reserve Champion Youth Equitation.

We are in preparation for 2011 Championships already and Magic Tails first on our list of “must haves”.

Helen Byrne


Pure Pets

I have been using Pure Pets Shampoos, Conditioners and Spritzers since I opened ‘Dogs Only Grooming’ in early 2009.

I am very happy with the shampoos. I often get comments from customers on how soft and lovely smelling the dogs are.I love that they are Paraben and Sulfate free. They are also good value for money with 5 litres making 20-25 litres of shampoo.I sell quite a lot of the 300ml bottles on to customers as well.

I will definitely continue to use only Pure Pets Products on my customers.

Katherine Shallvey
Dogs Only Grooming


Due to a totally different approach to caring for timber furniture Nexcoat care products are in my opinion superior to other greasy/oilyproducts that are available.

Nexcoat timber care range of products are designed to care for all types of timber finish from antiques to ultra modern with the samegentle but effective care that you would expect from your most popular cosmetics, I would recommend Nexcoat timber care productsfor people wanting to give their furniture a new lease on life.

Ken Bristow
Timber & Leather Consultant to the furniture industry

Pure Pets

I am writing from Animal Kingdom, regarding your Pure Pets Shampoos that We have recently started using and the results speak for themselves. We use both types the Herbal and the oatmeal medicated along with the conditioners!

Our clients are very happy as the dogs are coming up cleaner, fluffy and smelling great and it is gentle on their skin which they love. I am now selling the small bottles out the front of our store and it goes quick.

Thank you
Yours faithfully
Eve Edwards

Pure Pets

I’m using your products everyday in my salon and I really enjoy and like using them.

I love and prefer the herbal shampoo and conditioner, it brings all my coats up nice and soft, has a lovely fresh clean lasting scent and ive found it to be deodorizing on bad coat and skins and on those dogs with sensitive skins ive had good feed back! The oatmeal is ok but I’m sold on the herbal.

I like the serum,(magictails shine serum) I’ll work it through a coat before I start brushing and dematting! I feel it helps protect the hair from damage of over brushing while dematting and it’s certainly helps with detangling and the dematting process. I also have found it very useful on dry skin and coats especially double coated types. I work it into the back pants and feathers on the border collies! Works great in helping the hair to sit and lay nice. Really like it and love the scent. Oh and the serum works nice on big bushy tails, makes them sit and lay nice, not forgetting adding shine.

And the scents??? Love them, love them :) vanilla seems to be the fave! I like spritzting my big black dogs with the chocolate.

Helen Forester
K9 STYLE-Dog Grooming
Western Australia